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In the News at Bethel


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2020 Bethel Continuum Summer Art Show

How is it possible to have an art show in the NYC area these days? By doing it virtually, of course!  Because the communities within the Bethel family are home to many talented artists, we wanted to highlight the work of eight creative women at these communities and share it with the world.

This short video highlights a collection of their works, spanning media including watercolor, acrylic, quilting, graphite, oil and more. The video also features short bios so you can get to know these “Artists of Bethel” before admiring their artwork.

 Click on the link to watch the show

Bethel is a regular contributor to Westchester Senior Voice magazine providing articles of interest to today’s seniors looking for healthy living, housing and healthcare resources. From memory care support programs to seniors who volunteer their time, Bethel offers information and solutions for seniors, and their families, living in Westchester and beyond.   Click on the link to read our articles:

Margaret Lukavic Celebrates 103rd Birthday at Bethel

January 13, 2020

Surrounded by family and friends, Ms. Margaret Lukavic (front row, left) celebrates her 103rd birthday today at Bethel Nursing & Rehabilitation Center where she has been a resident since 2017.  Formerly of Sleepy Hollow, Margaret is known as  the “Queen of Bethel” by staff members and residents. She is also known for her great sense of  humor, love of people and enjoyment at being involved in life to the fullest extent .


Grandparents' Day Carnival at Bethel Nursing Home

September 19, 2019

Pictured at the Grandparents’ Day Carnival held recently at Bethel Nursing Home, 17 Narragansett Avenue, is resident, Filomena Branca, along with members of her family. The event included music for all ages, a photo booth, bubble machine, art project and games such as corn hole, ring toss and ball toss, as well as prizes and refreshments.

In addition, a fire truck, courtesy of the Ossining Fire Department, was onsite for all ­generations to inspect and enjoy!

Residents, families, friends and staff appreciated the opportunity to be together for this fun and intergenerational event.

Mathilda Myril, Certified Nursing Assistant, Receives Accolades from Bethel Nursing Home

June 11, 2019

Ms. Mathilda Myril, a Certified Nursing Assistant at Bethel Nursing Home (BNH) in Ossining, was recently recognized through Bethel’s “Above and Beyond” program for her exemplary dedication and sincere compassion in carrying out her responsibilities.

This program recognizes staff for going above and beyond the normal scope of duties to ensure optimal experiences for residents.

Says BNH Administrator, Ms. Lorraine Festa,  “Mathilda is an outstanding CNA who always demonstrates a supporting and nurturing approach to our residents. She is reliable, dependable, and serves as a role model to her peers and a friendly face to the residents’ families,” says Ms. Festa.

Ms. Myril is a full-time employee and has been with Bethel for five years.

Says Ms. Festa, “Bethel Homes and Services is fortunate to have Mathilda as part of their team.  Her contribution is what makes Bethel Nursing Home in Ossining a great place for our seniors to live.”



New Administrator, Paul Scarpinato, Welcomed at Bethel Nursing & Rehabilitation Center

May 15, 2019

Paul Scarpinato, MBA, LNHA, CASP, CDP, QCP, has recently been named Administrator of Bethel Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in Croton-on-Hudson, NY. In this role, Mr. Scarpinato oversees the day to day operation of the 200 bed facility to ensure quality care for residents and to provide an optimal work experience for staff.

Says Ms. Goldstein, Bethel’s CEO, “We are delighted to have Paul join our Bethel community. He has extensive experience as an Executive Director and Administrator of skilled nursing facilities throughout New York State where his strategic vision and practical application successfully strengthened their overall proficiency.”

Throughout his career, Mr. Scarpinato has been responsible for a number of skilled nursing facilities, ranging in size from a 40 bed nursing center to a 583 bed facility. In each of these settings he provided guidance to ensure compliance with Department of Health regulations, stabilized and grew census, created a desirable setting for residents via quality care and lifestyle, and also provided a rewarding workplace for staff.

Since his arrival at Bethel, Mr. Scarpinato has been meeting with employees, getting acquainted with residents and reviewing current systems and policies. “I’m still digging in and learning the processes of how things are done here,” says Mr. Scarpinato. “I am also analyzing systems to see where I can help with enhancements,” he says.

He was impressed to learn that Bethel uses an electronic medical records program, as well as a software program designed to manage payroll, human resources and other such departmental tasks. “Anytime you can have systems in place, like these two, it’s a huge advantage in operations, efficiency and accuracy,” says Mr. Scarpinato.

He is also pleased that Bethel’s Rehabilitation Department is about to launch its Aqua Therapy program using a Hydroworx 300 pool/tank with an underwater treadmill. “This is a wonderful service to offer outpatients suffering from degenerative joint disease, back pain and other diagnoses,” says Mr. Scarpinato. “It is also something that no other skilled nursing facility in the area is offering,” he continues.

Among his priorities, Mr. Scarpinato says that examining the new criteria established by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services in how star ratings are determined for skilled nursing facilities will be a primary focus. “The CMS has clearly identified the Quality Measures they will be evaluating when assigning stars, so we need to make sure we are exceeding those qualifiers,” he says. “I’m meeting with members of the multi-disciplinary team to discuss these QMs and to coordinate our strategy to ensure continued compliance,” says Mr. Scarpinato.

Another area of particular focus will be staffing. Mr. Scarpinato says he will review staffing needs on an ongoing basis to ensure both resident and staff members are having the best possible experiences at Bethel. “I’ve met a number of employees who have longevity in their years of service,” he says. “This speaks volumes about Bethel and how important it is to demonstrate our appreciation to this commitment,” Mr. Scarpinato continues.

He also describes his relationship with staff to be that of mentor rather than a micro-manager. “I support and help them do their jobs,” says Mr. Scarpinato.  “Their work is hard and my goal is for them to succeed, and in the end, we will all succeed,” he continues.

Customer Service is another priority for Mr. Scarpinato. He stresses the value of tangibly measuring resident satisfaction, expectations and healthcare outcomes.  He referenced the well-known method of former New York City Mayor Ed Koch who would randomly stop people on the streets of the city and ask, “Hey! How am I doing?” because the mayor understood the critical need for feedback.

“We need to know how we are doing, too,” he says. “Bethel does have good customer service, but we need to measure it in a quantifiable way. We will develop resident satisfaction surveys to provide this information moving forward, “says Mr. Scarpinato.

He also plans to focus on the day to day experiences of resident life using the person-centered approach. “We will continue to make sure there is something for everyone, in terms of socialization, activities and interests,” says Mr. Scarpinato. “Our large-sized resident rooms, open dining rooms, community spaces and outdoor courtyard, along with our amenities, create a wonderful setting and ambience for an active, resident lifestyle,” he continues. “In addition to the organized activities offered by our recreation department, I also see individual residents knitting or making jewelry, and then others socializing during their daily therapy programs with the other residents they see there each day.  It’s great to see the residents engaged in so many different ways,” says Mr. Scarpinato.

Says Ms. Goldstein, “Paul’s leadership style and knowledge of this industry are a perfect match for Bethel Nursing and Rehabilitation Center. He is a most welcome addition to our Bethel team.”